Tips for Decreasing Labor Pain

Embracing the Pain & Letting Go of Fear in Childbirth by Lindsay Edmonds on May 18, 2011 from bellies and babies in

  • Keep your bladder empty.

  • Stay upright during labor.

  • Keep moving! Changing positions regularly.

  • Learn as much about labor as possible. Understand the process and the way your body works.

  • Chose an birthing environment where you are comfortable, safe, and relaxed.

  • Chose only people to surround you that you are comfortable with.

  • Learn simple relaxation techniques: visualization, listening to music, relaxing each muscle in your body, deep breathing, and hydrotherapy. Practice these frequently before labor begins.

  • Keep your vocalization in labor low and deep. When we scream or yell in high pitched tones, this tightens the uterus. When we groan, we allow the cervix to open and relax.

  • Let go of fear. The more fear you have the more pain you will experience. Don’t hide it. Acknowledge it.